Thursday, September 27, 2007

Par Les Vous Delicious

The other night I wanted something different. Something I do not usually make. I wanted a culinary adventure. I decided to make something French. I never make French food. It tends to involve a lot of rich heavy cream sauces and weird meats and other things that I'm not really interested in. I managed to get a mostly veg recipe though and decided to give it a go. This Mushroom Strudel with Braised Shallots and French Lentils, with a Port Demi-Glaze called for espagnole sauce, a thick veal stock common in French cooking. I used the recipe here to replace it. The dish came out delectable, rich and filling. As much as we really enjoyed the meal, we kind of felt like we couldn't move for hours after eating it so it's the kind of thing we will not make very often.


Anonymous said...

Your presentation of this meal is gorgeous. Looks like a it could have easily come from a magazine!

Anonymous said...

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