Sunday, July 29, 2007

Junk Food'ish

As much as we like to try to stay healthy, we do enjoy junk food. Last week we made two junk food'ish dishes a little bit healthier. First up, we made a taco salad. It's pretty much just a taco minus the shell. I like this meal because it's quick and easy to make and tasty. In our salad we included:
- baby spinach
- cucumbers
- shredded carrots
- diced celery
- diced avocado
- taco seasoned veggie ground beef (Smart brand)
- homemade salsa (store bought is fine, we just had some herbs, hot peppers and tomatoes in the garden that we needed to put to work)
- vegan sour cream
- a dash of tobasco

Matt and I also made some sweet potato (un)fries. I mostly followed this recipe, except that I put my fries under a broiler for a few minutes before serving, this improved the crispiness of the fries.

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