Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Taste of Summer

Matt and I had the perfect summer meal planned -- veggie burgers and these awesome watermelon cups. We were enticed by the veggie burger on the cover of the July/August Vegetarian Times and we set to work on that. Unfortunately, the recipe, as printed in the magazine, does not work. You cannot form solid patties based on their recipe and our attempts to do so quickly fell apart -- literally. If you are considering attempting these "Hot Tamale Burgers" you are going to want to put the ingredients in the food processor with some cornstarch, refrigerate, and then form patties which you will need to fry in a pan with some cooking oil. If you go this route you will get some pretty good burgers.

As for the watermelon cups, I pretty much followed their recipe. I used vegan sour cream and I used vegan feta (made with the recipe in the Uncheese Cookbook).

I had lots of left over watermelon so I made some watermelon granita which turned out really well.

Any way, now I have lots of left over vegan feta and no idea what to do with it. What should I do with this feta?

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Anonymous said...

Those watermelon cups have such an interesting combination of flavors and they're so pretty.